Product - Areca

Green Elegant Tableware

When you celebrate, the earth rejoices too!

Areca tableware is a stylish and planet friendly alternative to the commonly used plastic or styrofoam disposables. Since it is produced from fallen Areca palm leaves, their natural composition makes them completely biodegradable. These are not only natural & beautiful but also sturdy enough to hold food. Innovative EWE Solutions has redefined disposable tableware for any special events or occasions. Apart from the unique look, they are better for us and for the environment. Paper plates deplete the Earth’s natural resource of trees, and plastic plates can take hundreds of years to degrade! With Areca products, these used plates become a part of your garden compost.

Key aspects
  • Sustainable tableware for modern day living
  • Eco-conscious trends in decor for special events
  • Compostable and biodegradable
Unique features
  • Microwave safe & heat-resistant
  • Soak proof & leak proof
  • Uncoated – no plastic or wax lining
  • Sturdy – good for buffets!